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Monday, December 12, 2005

Internet Privacy

The Internet offers many benefits. Web sites provide a vast world of information, entertainment, and shopping at our fingertips. Electronic mail, instant messaging, and chat rooms enable us to communicate with friends, family, and strangers in ways we never dreamed of a decade ago. But the Internet also creates many threats to our personal privacy. The Internet raises some unique privacy concerns. Information sent over this vast global network may pass through dozens of different computer systems on the way to its destination. Each of these systems is operated by its own administrator and may be capable of capturing and storing online communications. Furthermore, your online activities can potentially be monitored by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and by web sites that you visit.
Internet Privacy issues encompass concerns about the collection of personally identifiable information from visitors to government and commercial Web sites, as well as debate over law enforcement or employer monitoring of electronic mail and Web usage.
In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, debate over the issue of law enforcement monitoring has intensified, with some advocating increased tools for law enforcement to track down terrorists.
On aspect of the Internet “Online” privacy debate focuses on whether industry self-regulation is the best route to assure consumers privacy protection. The United States Supreme Court has stated that American citizens have the protection of the Fourth Amendment (freedom from search and seizure absent warrant) when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. Without a reasonable expectation of privacy, however, there is no privacy right to protect. Files stored on disk or tapes in the home are protected, but the rule becomes less clear when applied to files stored on an Internet access provider's server. Federal law, on the other hand, may protect web servers. Some argue that consent of the access provider, however, is all that is required for law enforcement authorities to search and seize any files in the possession of that access provider. Internet service providers may have a lot of information about the users because servers routinely record information about users' e-mail and web browsing habits. The right to privacy in Internet activity is a serious issue facing society.

Public Relations Review,Significance of the NCA's "Dialogue on Public Relations Education" conference.

This article talks about Public Relation education and I found it very interesting because this is one of the most important issues in PR today. Public relations programs are part of the journalism department and we can clearly see this in TCU.
A lot of things have changed during the time and I think that in future public relations will develop into a very strong profession. The best example of this is that every time there are more and more people wanting to study public relations and for this reason there are more organizations included on curriculum recommendations. From my personal experience I know that in many colleges public relations is just a mass media career. This article is trying to explain us that public relations and its multidisciplinary nature has much more of its own to just be called a “mass media” career.
I think that the Commission on Public Relations Educations will have to work hard because if the practice of public relations is changing then the education should change at the same time. I think that communication is very important for the public relations but PR is not just a simple speech based career. From this article I learned the importance of the National Communication Association Summer 1998 Conference. This conference gave a lot to the public relations field and should serve as a reference to many scholars.
At the beginning this was just a small conference but it became very important.
I think that this was a good way of getting everything together and seeing what is actually important for the educators and practitioners. These people had a chance to express what skills and attitudes are important for the public relations.
In my opinion this kind of meetings should be well promoted so that everybody would have a chance to participate and get something from it. Sometimes it seems that public relations people are not connected enough. This is a real problem when we go abroad but I guess it’s hard to change different perspectives and cultures because all this affects the practice of public relations in the world.

Women in our society!!!

I was thinking about how some people don't want women to be too much involved in our society. I think that in our society women should definitely work. One of the greatest reasons why women should join the workforce is financial security.
As we all now in 21st Century people need money to survive. We need money to pay rent, food, utility bills, clothing and even more important, when we have kids we need to take care of them which can turn out to be even more costly that to take care of ourselves. These are also the main reasons why women want to be financially secure. The only way women can feel financially secure is when they have a stable income that means they have to work. I think that women shouldn rely on men to have financial security. The husband income should serve only as complimentary money to family budget, rather than main income. If we look only from the point of financial security then there are 2 things to mention here. First if women work they will add additional income to the family budget, therefore the family is going be more financially secure than the one where woman doesn work.
Second reason ---is ---in the case of divorce or death of the husband where kids stay with the mother adependentpendant on mother income it will be tragic if the woman didn have a job. In this case the family will depend only on aliments or government assistance, which as we all now sometimes is not enough to raise kids and get them through school and college.
In relation to this I would like to share my story with class, witch would defend my argument that women should definitely work in our society.
When I was growing up I had both parents and a 4 years younger brother. My dad was an engineer and was earning a good salary. My mother was a dentist and had a good salary as well. We lived happily till one day when my father decided to leave family and move to Russia due to some religious circumstances. At that time I was 12 years old and my brother was 8. We were lucky that my mother had a good income and could support family. If not her job and stable income we all would be in a very bad situation. Therefore, I think that just from the point of financial security is more than convincing that women should work.

TCU women's tennis selected for ITA National Indoors

I think that this is a good news for our school and TCU athletics. The TCU women's tennis team has been selected for the 2006 USTA/ITA National Team Indoor Championships, which take place over Feb. 2-5 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It will mark the Horned Frogs' first appearance in the national event. I'm very exited to be part of this team and be able to compite at high college level. I think that we have good chances of winning the whole thing. Out program is progressing a lot. This is pretty impresive because only 16 teams comprise the field, which in addition to TCU includes Baylor, BYU, California, Duke, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Kentucky, Miami (Fla.), North Carolina, Northwestern, Stanford, Texas, Vanderbilt and Wisconsin.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Last week I went to visit the mosque in Fort Worth I had a strange feeling of seeing something very familiar to me, because Islam has had a great deal of cultural impact on my country. I found myself wondering how these people are able to live in the USA and still be very involved in the practice of their religion. It is amazing that a large number of the Americans do not realize that everywhere around us are people with different beliefs and faiths. I think that religion can bring so much hope and comfort to people but it can also be the primary reason for discrimination and wars. The best example I have is the religion conflict that occurred in Bosnia 10 years ago.
When I was a child in the war in my country I had one discussion with my best friend. She said to me that we are very different because of our names and religions. I was confused to hear this and I couldn’t understand why were our religious backgrounds so important. Unfortunately this way of approaching religion didn’t change in many countries in the world. I strongly believe that the USA can be one of the most religiously tolerant countries. The experience that I had with Islam in Fort Worth has opened my eyes to the whole new perspectives of how Muslims behave and live in this country. Their adoption to the American culture is representing a new way of modernization and globalization. This also gives me hope that maybe in the future we will have a much more tolerant society. We cannot be ignorant to all these religious changes that the USA is going through. This experience has helped me to develop a new way of learning about Islam and other religions. There are many misconceptions among people about the way scholars study religion. I feel that that is the only way we can objectively understand and observe different religions.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

European Movies

During this thanksgiving break I've watched a lot of movies. I specially liked European and independent movies. "La Lengua de las Mariposas" (Butterfly) describes the time of growing Fascist movement in Spain through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy.Moncho, an asthmatic, lives with his parents and his older brother (Alexis de los Santos) and, as the film opens, is being taken to school for the first time. Having learned that the schoolmaster Don Gregorio strikes his boys, Moncho is, not surprisingly, fearful, but Don Gregorio turns out to be anything but an insensitive brute, taking the little Swallow (Moncho's nickname) under his wing and teaching him about nature, bugs, and the tongues of butterflies. The director cleverly relegates the political turmoil to the background so that the overriding feel of "Butterfly" is a heartwarming coming-of-age tale set during a difficult time rather than a movie directly focused on the Spanish Civil War. This allows the director to shape the story with humor and fondness as we witness the two brothers just being boys amid a lot of beautiful settings.
This movie is very powerful and is able to awake a lot of emotions. I really liked it.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My reflection on some arguments

I’m in the library trying to start working on my project but I’ve decided to write this post on my blog. I’ve been reading some of the drafts from our class and in my opinion there are some very interesting topics. I wanted to point out one particular paper that made me think about a lot of things. This paper is discussing the same sex unions and how bad they are for our society. I just think that it’s amazing how people can be ignorant and closed minded. Well, if homosexuals are mentally ill then our school would have a lot of student consulting psychologists most of the time instead of studying and living a normal life.
Maybe some of them do fall into the depression and the reason for this is because the ignorant society makes them feel bad about themselves.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Movie review!!!

Last weekend I went to watch Sam Mende's new movie Jarhead and I really liked it.
I've seen most of his movies and I like his style as a director.
Here is some information on the movie:
Jarhead follows "Swoff" (Gyllenhaal), a third-generation enlistee, from a sobering stint in boot camp to active duty, sporting a sniper's rifle and a hundred-pound ruck on his back through Middle East deserts with no cover from intolerable heat or from Iraqi soldiers, always potentially just over the next horizon. Swoff and his fellow Marines sustain themselves with sardonic humanity and wicked comedy on blazing desert fields in a country they don't understand against an enemy they can't see for a cause they don't fully fathom.
Hope you like it if you decide to go watch it!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


-As many as a third of the world's people do not meet their physical and intellectual potential because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, according to a report released by UNICEF.
-The severe effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as anemia (iron), cretinism (iodine)
and blindness (vitamin A), have long been known but there are so many other problems cause by less extreme deficiencies.
-Iron deficiency impairs intellectual development in young children and is lowerin national IQs
-Vitamin A deficiency compromises the immune systems of approximately 40% of children under five in the developing world, leading to the deaths of 1 million children each year.
-Iodine deficiency in pregnancy is causing as many as 20 million babies a year to be born mentally impaired!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last week was the first time for me to visit Mexico. I was staying in a hotel very close to the border and every day I had to go play tennis in Mexico and come back to the hotel in USA. It’s amazing how just a few miles away there are two completely different worlds. On the Mexican side people were all over the American cars asking for money and it was funny seeing my American friends all stressed out when this would happen. I guess people here are not use to seeing poverty but the truth is that a lot of people in this world are desperate and they have no hope for a better life.